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welcome to the first edition of fortunella sour competition

First edition of Fortunella Sour Competition is coming in April 2023!

This competition is about to challenge bartenders with their own take on classic Sour style cocktail, using Fortunella Golden Orange Liqueur. Simple. Yet, complicated. Show us what you got!



Bartenders are tasked with creating their best version, of Fortunella Sour. Sounds easy? Well, it's more complicated. Fortunella Golden Orange Liqueur is 100% natural liqueur, hand made with fresh kumquats. No artificial ingredients, no essences, no acids or any flavour stabilisers. The real challenge is, how they will approach Fortunella Golden Orange Liqueur. We will find out in April!

Fortunella Liqueur 079.jpg
Fortunella Sour 001_edited.jpg


Bartenders can submit their recipe and photo of the cocktail until 31st of March 2023. Judges will review all applications, and only 10 top recipes will progress to the final in April!

Competition rules

  1. One entry per person.

  2. The recipe must contain a maximum of 5 ingredients including Fortunella Golden Orange Liqueur.

  3. Hot ingredients or premixes of any kind are forbidden. Homemade syrups, cordials and shrubs are allowed.

  4. Recipes must contain a minimum of 40ml of Fortunella Golden Orange Liqueur. 

  5. Recipes must be the original creation of the bartender. 

  6. The cocktail should have a creative name. 

  7. The recipe should be expressed with measurements, as well as garnish,
    glassware and overall presentation. 

  8. Garnishes must be edible.

  9. Preparation and mixing instructions must be included with your recipe.

  10. An image of your cocktail must be included with your recipe.

  11. A background story/your inspiration must be included in your application.

  12. Entries should be submitted by email, by 31st of March 2023.

final and prize

Top 10 applications will be invited to participate in the final, on April 25th, at Opium Chinatown bar in London. The competition will start at 2pm, and will end before 6pm.

At 8pm we will have a Bartender guest shift at Academy bar, with Spaniard Bernabeu from Pulp bar!

 Prize? First place is £500 cash, second place is £250, and third £100. 

Good luck!

Submit your recipe:


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